Sustainability in Japan 3

The pathway to regenerative business

Limited print edition

‘Sustainability in Japan 3: The pathway to regenerative business’ is a 256-page book sharing Fabric’s latest insights and thinking on Japan’s sustainability transition.

The book features 19 articles exploring themes around regenerative business and the intersection of wellbeing and work, including a foreword from guest editor and mymizu founder Robin Lewis.

The limited print edition is made sustainably by our friends at Ohkawa Printing, with zero carbon emissions and 100% renewable energy.

It’s available for ¥6050 (including tax, plus shipping). Shipping is available worldwide.

Digital edition

The digital edition of 'Sustainability in Japan 3: The pathway to regenerative business' is available online for Fabric subscribers, with access to the full 256-page book as a PDF.

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Themes from the study

The primary theme in the report is ‘regenerative business’ – building new practices, future-ready organisations, and notions of community.

Our research identified wellbeing and work as a primary barrier to sustainable change, with the need to focus on collective and individual agency if we’re going to effectively tackle social and environmental challenges.

Our insights are drawn from unique data and research conducted by our sustainability team, including a national quantitative study and interviews with business, academic, and community leaders.

Some of the themes and areas explored are:


Participants in the study, aged 15-69 from across Japan.


Interviews with sustainability leaders.


Articles exploring regenerative business and sustainable transformation in Japan.


Page report available as a print and digital edition.

Sustainability in Japan 3
Sustainability in Japan 3: Medium Articles

Like regenerative business itself, this report has been a collective effort. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the diverse group of study participants whose invaluable time and insights have contributed to its formation.

We also acknowledge the important contributions each, in their own way, is making to the new social fabric, and stand together as a community of changemakers.


Akiko Kubota 窪田 彰子
Azure Marketing Manager / Sustainability Lead, Microsoft Japan

Corinne Johnson コリーン・ジョンソン
Corporate Advisor and Coach

Eriko Suzuki 鈴木 絵里子
Founder/CEO, Kind Capital

Jin Song Montesano ジン・ソン・モンテサーノ
Chief People Officer, LIXIL

Ken Shibusawa 渋澤 健
CEO, Shibusawa and Company

Kumiko Hori 堀 久美子
Integrated Social Sustainability Design Co. Ltd.
Former Head of Community Impact, Asia Pacific, UBS AG

Madoka Ikeda 池田 円
Head of D&I, NTT

Misaki Tanaka 田中 美咲
CEO, SOLIT, inc.

Philippa Cross フィリッパ・クロス
AFounder, Marshall Sustainability

Satoko Tatsumi 辰巳 哲子
Chief Researcher, Recruit Works Institute

Shigehiro Kato 加藤 茂博
Business Producer, Recruit

Tomoe Ueyama 植山 智恵
Co-Founder/CEO, Project MINT

Yukiko Saito 斎藤 由希子
Chief People Officer, McDonald’s Japan


Ai Yamanaka 山中 藍
Hasumi Nemani ネマニ 蓮美
Nick Ashley ニック・アシュレイ
Rebekah Cheng レベッカ・チェン
Reiko Suzuki 鈴木 玲子


Nico Leonard ニコ・レオナード
Robin Lewis ロビン・ルイス

Writing and translation

David Willoughby デイヴィッド・ウィロビー
James Hollow ジェームス・ホロー
Jiro Tatsuno 辰濃 二郎
Kohei Kanayasu 金安 晃平
Mina Oba 大庭 美菜

Publication design

Dingo Francisco ディンゴ・フランシスコ
Kumiko Michishita 道下 久湖子

Program management and photography

Eileen Kao アイリーン・カオ

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