Fabric is a purpose driven organisation that exists to deliver positive, impactful work for businesses, people, and society.

We’ve been helping businesses and brands for nearly 20 years, using human insight to define good strategy aligned to customer and employee needs.

But this isn’t enough to tackle the systemic challenges facing our world. We need to push the boundaries of strategy and design, increasing our ambition, thinking big, and driving change in everything we do.

Fabric studio.
Fabric purpose

In our changing world we need to do more, which is why we’re focused on shaping regenerative business.

We believe that sustainability defines business innovation today, and is one of the biggest value creation opportunities in history.

We work with people who share these beliefs and want to make circular and regenerative practices a competitive advantage for their business.

Fabric values

Our values are a continually evolving journey, and are designed with our team to reflect the collective behaviours and beliefs we want to practice in our work. They reflect who we are as a team and company.

Download our values poster (7.1MB PDF).

Business for good
1. Business for good

Business can be a force for good.

Organisations that put purpose at their core are able drive positive outcomes for their customers and employees, while innovating on some of the biggest challenges facing our world.

Profit and sustainability can coexist, and we help businesses on this journey in the new social fabric.

Problem solving, together
2. Problem solving, together

We solve meaningful problems together with our clients.

We reframe them in the context of systemic challenges. We use qualitative and quantitative data in all our decisions. And we always design collaboratively with customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Good work for good clients
3. Good work for good clients

We constantly raise the bar of how we define good work.

Doing this creates positive cycles of growth and learning with our clients and teams, ensuring we deliver real impact.

We partner with clients who share this belief, actively working to make their businesses better for customers, employees, and society.

Think big, drive change
4. Think big, drive change

We approach all our work with an ambition to think big and drive change.

We challenge ourselves to make every moment better than the last, experimenting with new ideas and unexpected solutions.

This is how we transform our collective efforts into real innovation for our clients and team.

Inclusive by design
5. Inclusive by design

Diverse teams who feel a sense of belonging are a huge competitive advantage.

They’re able to approach business problems from different perspectives. They reach new and unexpected outcomes. And they encourage people to explore difference, bringing us closer together.

We ensure our environment is welcoming and inclusive for everyone, and bring this thinking to all of our work.

Open mindedness
6. Open mindedness

We consciously practice open mindedness and push beyond our own preconceptions.

Adaptability. Trust. Transparency. Empathy. Respect. Growth. Reflection. These practices are underpinned by approaching people and culture with an open and curious mind.

We bring this thinking into all situations in our work and lives, elevating ourselves and the people around us.

Meaningful reinvestment
7. Meaningful reinvestment

We invest in our people.

Our goals are based on strong foundations and sound practices rather than financials alone, which we see as a positive outcome of the value we create with clients.

We prioritise building our people and team, and are committed to reinvesting in the sustainable growth of our business, community, and society as a whole.

Regenerative impact
8. Regenerative impact

We live and breathe impact.

From our individual actions to our company policies – regenerative, sustainable, and circular practices are part of everything we do.

Even when we’re thinking about organisations or brands, we approach all our programs through an ethical and sustainable lens.

The fabric team conducting a workshop.

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