Diversity and Inclusion

As a purpose driven organisation we believe in creating a workplace that’s welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

We’re focused on shaping a positive and equitable employee experience, designing this in collaboration with our team and freelancers, while continually learning and progressing the company forward.

We bring this thinking to all of our work.

Fabric team at a recent team day.
Why this matters

Diverse teams who feel a sense of belonging are a huge competitive advantage.

They’re able to approach business problems from different perspectives. They reach new and unexpected outcomes. And they encourage people to explore difference, bringing us closer together.

This goes beyond doing the right thing, it’s a critical part of any organisation.

How we apply this in our work

Our team of strategists and designers regularly conduct research and engage with people as part of this work, and have a deep respect for people from all identities and backgrounds.

This means we’re committed to diverse and inclusive practices when it comes to: culture, nationality, language, gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability, age, family context, and all forms of lived experience.

We recognise marginalised groups, and work to improve products, services, and systems to make them inclusive and accessible for everyone.

And we continually reflect on and challenge ourselves to improve, seeking to learn and understand others, with open mindedness in our team practices and work.

Everyone in our team is part of this commitment, participating in professional training and performance reviews focused on our company values.

This is a core part of how we strive to be a regenerative business, creating better futures where everyone is able to thrive in their work, lives, and communities.

Fabric town hall

The Fabric team conducting a workshop at our biannual town hall in July 2023.

Four people from the Fabric team laughing and discussing ideas.
DEI reporting in 2023

From 2023 we’ve started reporting on our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) progress, and are committed to positive change through our actions and our work.

As an organisation based in Japan there are a distinct set of DEI challenges for us to focus on. Japan ranks 125th globally in progress towards gender equality, making this a critical SDG for Japanese companies.

This is a continuing journey, and as a company we’ve made substantial progress since our transition to Fabric.


Fabric team members are women.


Lead and Director level team members are women, with a commitment to increasing this further.


Average annual pay gap in favour of women in each comparable level and role.


Promotions in the past 12 months have been to women, as well as 70% of the total financial increase.


Team members have an overall positive engagement score over 2022-2023.


Team members answer positively to:
“I feel I am part of a team”;
“The people I work with collaborate with me to get the job done”; and
“I generally feel positive towards work at Fabric”.

New practices and policies

In 2023 we also delivered a series of new policies and practices as part of our DEI journey, supporting our team, partners, and community:

Community initiatives

Our partnership with CSA Loop, a monthly subscription service connecting farmers with Nakameguro locals.

Farmers from CSA Loop selling fruits and vegetables outside the Fabric office.
Ongoing commitments

There is always more work to do, and some of our ongoing commitments we’re progressing towards include:

We would also value your suggestions for ways we can improve as an organisation.

If you’d like to share anything feel free to email us at: hello@fbrc.co

The fabric team conducting a workshop.

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