Shaping an innovation-led employee experience at LIXIL

Strategic Design


LIXIL had formed a new global group to incorporate a range of companies and cultures across markets, driven by a series of changes at an organisational and management level.

The CEO had framed a unified vision for a new identity, philosophy, and employee values with entrepreneurship and creativity at the core – but delivering on a transformative vision can come with significant complexity, particularly in a cross-cultural context.



In collaboration with our partners at MullenLowe Salt, who have a longstanding relationship with LIXIL, we worked to translate that vision into a series of employee engagement programs and initiatives to bring employees together around a shared purpose and behaviours.

Our process included supporting the development of a comprehensive employee engagement strategy through interviews with stakeholders in Japan to understand their organisational context, culture, and unique challenges and opportunities in the market. This led to the creation of new employee engagement content and experiences with a specific local context, as well as adapting global assets to LIXIL’s Japan based businesses.


Our key objective was to ensure all LIXIL employees understood their core philosophy and were able to embrace these behaviours in their work, with a simplification and integration of existing programs and strategies.

This helped shift LIXIL employees along the adoption curve, improving content engagement rates and enabling the rollout of a new communication plan. Change makers from across the company were identified and used to drive the new philosophy, with the sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit increasing substantially among employees.


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