Defining a scalable post-purchase experience for MetLife APAC


MetLife are a global insurance brand that operates as a unique business in each market, with teams in APAC largely defining their own digital experiences.

They have an overarching vision around customer-centricity, and an excellent set of design principles, but have difficulty actioning them in places like Japan and Korea due to different levels of digital maturity, as well as significant product and system complexity.

These challenges are amplified by the set-and-forget nature of insurance, resulting in a focus on customer acquisition and limited investment in the post-purchase experience.


Collaborative parts of the program were conducted online due to the pandemic, with Miro workshops bringing together stakeholders from across the region.

MetLife post-purchase experience.

We collaborated with MetLife’s Japan, Korea, regional, and global teams to facilitate a process that explored unmet customer needs, with the objective of unifying the post-purchase experience.

This included synthesis of years of customer feedback and NPS data, depth interviews, best-in-class digital audits, and workshops with MetLife stakeholders and customers.

We navigated through the complexities of the global organisation, defining a vision and digital strategy that augments the service expectations of users across the region.

Customer Journey

Our workshops identified 50+ digital concepts along the breadth of the customer journey, tied to key moments that matter, from core to value added services.

We measured the impact and complexity these concepts, prioritising them in sessions with MetLife leaders from across the region.

While each market was in a very different place in terms of maturity, there were strong correlations around the most impactful problems to act upon.

MetLife Post Purchase Experience Customer Journey.

Prototypes of 12 high impact concepts were tested with users to validate hypotheses and form the business case for digital investments.

Prototyping focused on personalised, 1-1 digital experiences to augment the agent interactions that are a key part of the insurance model in Japan and Korea.

This led to the creation of a new MetLife APAC design system based around the service propositions identified.

MetLife prototype of onboarding journey.

MetLife prototype of various journeys.

MetLife prototype of a life planning journey.

MetLife APAC Design System.

Value Proposition

We aligned around a value proposition tied to MetLife’s customer-centric design principles:

“Engaging customers through a meaningful, personalised experience that enables them to understand our products and use our services, so that they feel confident about their future.”


The new post-purchase experience created a north star vision for MetLife teams across the APAC region, with a shared digital roadmap for the first time.

The program is being delivered by technology teams in each market, adapting and learning to shift the key post-purchase metrics of NPS and customer retention.

MetLife leaders deepened the relationship with our IPG partners R/GA based on the success of the program, describing the proposition as: “A profound experience that utilises MetLife’s strengths and heritage.”

MetLife APAC

Learn more about MetLife's digital transformation at MetLife Japan and MetLife Korea.

Prototype of the MetLife post-purchase experience.

A special thank you to all contributors to the program.

Fabric / MullenLowe APAC

Nico Leonard
Experience Design Director

Takahiro Maehara
Creative Director


Felix Rompis
Executive Director, Client Services

Holly Bartholomeusz
Senior Experience Designer

Anne-Sophie Abdi
Senior Account Director

Shruti Shukla
Executive Producer

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