Redefining conscious consumers for Oatly in Japan

Oatly is the original mass oat milk brand, creating a new category in Western markets by combining product innovation with highly impactful, irreverent storytelling.

Yet, Oatly were facing a multi-tiered challenge growing their business in Japan.

Japan has a range of established alternative milk options, but most people are unfamiliar with Oat milk.

At the same time, Oatly’s distinct storytelling had yet to find the right level of nuance for Japanese audiences.

Oatly Oatly

We helped Oatly understand the behaviours and beliefs of Japan’s conscious consumers, shifting preconceptions drawn from their experience in other markets.

Our team leveraged their sustainability expertise in the Food and Beverage space to run a series of sprints unpacking Oatly’s challenges.

This involved a research process where we synthesised insights from: customer interviews, retail service safaris, sustainability database analysis, Japan based industry reports, alternative milk competitor analysis.

Our sustainability database identified younger and older groups as the most sustainable, each open to alternative milk products for different reasons.

We delivered a series of workshops for Oatly global leaders, shaping investment decisions and their new market entry strategy.

These tailored briefings empowered participants to define a better, localised strategy going forward, playing back findings and connecting them to opportunities for market growth.

This has set Oatly up for future success in the market, pushing the brand forward with Japanese customers.

Oatly Miro

Research outcomes: Insights were used to iterate on the marketing strategy for Oatly Japan, impacting storytelling and media content going forward.

Older audiences
The fabric team conducting a workshop.

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