Enabling Dropbox to nurture customers through personalisation



Dropbox are confident in the strength of their cloud storage and collaboration platform – with a free tier that brings in new users before converting them into advocates and paying customers. Their challenge is in effectively using their data and messaging to nurture these customers toward conversion, with increasingly sophisticated architecture, platforms, and optimisation required to stay ahead of competitors.

To enable this at scale, data needs to be paired with the right technology to create nuanced messaging that speaks to customers at a personal level, particularly across the distinct APAC markets of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.



Collaborating with global Dropbox and MediaHub teams, our aim was to join the dots between their data and media platforms to enable more meaningful content for customers across APAC markets.

We built a new technology architecture and ecosystem to maximise potential conversion, building on first-party data and other available signals including: website engagement, behavioural attributes, contextual IDs, and geolocation – enabling us to define the best content to present to customers through all media channels.


Based on our new architecture, we were able to leverage Dropbox data to deliver optimised spending across media and their own platform. We drove an overall cost-per-trial 60.7% lower than the Dropbox North America benchmark.

Our partnership with Teads also enabled us to use a high-impact format and source premium real estate across platforms, increasing engagement by over 600% compared to banner formats in 2020 across markets.


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