Strategic Design Director

Role type: Permanent / Freelance

Level: Director

Salary range: ¥11-14m

Location: Tokyo, Japan / Hybrid

Team workshop.
About the role

Strategic Designers are responsible for reframing business and organisational problems around the collective needs of people and communities.

You’ll use design to push organisations forward – identifying and assessing opportunities, envisioning different futures, and aligning stakeholders around a plan for action.

The skills we look for in Strategic Designers include:

Research and synthesis: Planning and conducting qualitative and quantitative research with customers and employees, identifying appropriate methods based on the context required. You’re able to synthesise research into insights and recommendations that are impactful for clients.

Facilitation: Facilitating compelling processes and workshops with small and large groups – planning activities, drawing out insights, and engaging participants. You’re comfortable adapting to any situation, guiding participants toward meaningful outcomes.

Mindsets and behaviours: Identifying customer and employee needs and mindsets, articulating these through archetypes and jobs to be done. You’re able to model behaviours and align them to quantitative data, delivering business value.

Systems thinking: Making sense of complex spaces and mapping these into journeys and systems based on complex data points. You zoom in and out, understanding these at a macro level as well as a detailed touchpoint and interaction level.

Prototyping: Identifying new ways to solve problems and critically assess design concepts. You create prototypes at different fidelities and test them with people, using appropriate methods based on the context.

Organisational design: Working with organisations to change their structures, policies, and operations to deliver better experiences for employees and customers. You understand underlying organisational challenges and how they impact the success of business objectives.

Business design: Designing new business models that are financially viable and aligned to stakeholder requirements. You have strong business acumen and understand how design work connects to strategic, financial, and organisational goals.

Futures thinking: Using strategic foresight and speculative design to envision different futures for partners and clients. You're able to think beyond existing paradigms to push stakeholders toward radically different realities.

Who we’re looking for

We’re ideally looking for the following experience, but know everybody has a different career path, and encourage you to apply even if you only fit some of these criteria:

Nice to haves
What we provide

As a purpose driven organisation we believe in creating a workplace that’s welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

We’re focused on shaping a positive and equitable employee experience, designing this in collaboration with our team and freelancers, while continually learning and progressing the company forward.

As part of this we provide all of our team with:

Fabric purpose and values

Fabric is a purpose driven organisation that exists to deliver positive, impactful work for businesses, people, society, and planet.

Our values are an evolving journey, and are continually designed with our team to reflect the collective behaviours and beliefs we want to practice in our work.

They reflect who we are as a team and company, so it’s recommended to read through and understand these in advance of applying for open positions.

Fabric team.
Shared people skills

At Fabric we also have a set of shared people skills that are practiced by everyone in the team. These are drawn from our purpose and values, and provide a framework for how we work together:

Problem solving: You’re a problem solver ready for any challenge, using qualitative and quantitative data to make sound decisions. You’re comfortable with ambiguity and work to find solutions with the people and teams around you.

Collaboration: You’re a positive collaborator with the people around you, building trust and working toward shared goals. You’re adaptable, agile, organised, and contribute across disciplines and roles.

Organisation: Being organised on projects and meeting your commitments to colleagues and clients. You articulate requirements, deliver on time, and provide everything needed to support the people around you.

Transparent communication: You’re transparent and empathetic, curious and respectful, bringing this into all situations while showing respect for mutual boundaries. You’re willing to call out problems and have difficult conversations, openly sharing your thoughts.

Open mindedness: You always practice open mindedness and push beyond preconceptions. You demonstrate a growth mindset, with a curiosity toward learning and commitment to improving your work. You proactively seek advice and contribute to a positive feedback culture.

Changemaker: You’re a big thinker who drives change. You climb mountains, take initiative, and challenge your teams to experiment with new ideas and unexpected solutions. You’re an innovator for our clients and team.

Leadership: You proactively develop your leadership skills, inspiring the team to do good work. Everyone can practice this through: thought leadership, nurturing talent, guiding direction, holding mature conversations, and driving stakeholder engagement and outcomes.

Storytelling: You’re a compelling storyteller, engaging stakeholders through slides, writing, presentations, and facilitation. You’re able to synthesise complex information into strategies and stories that capture audiences and deliver positive outcomes for clients.

Let’s catch up!

Send your Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Folio to and one of our practice leads will get back to you. We’re happy to have a coffee near our studio in Nakameguro or catch up online.

Fabric team.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a purpose driven organisation we believe in creating a workplace that’s welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

We’re focused on shaping a positive and equitable employee experience, designing this in collaboration with our team and freelancers, while continually learning and progressing the company forward.

We bring this thinking to all of our work.