Purpose-led storytelling for renewable energy startup TRENDE

Sustainability x Engagement


TRENDE are a renewable energy startup founded in 2017 and backed by TEPCO, providing a range of services including: sustainable electricity plans (Ashita Denki), residential solar panels (Hot Denki) and batteries (Maru Denki), and AI/IOT based forecasting for electricity usage (Cocoro Power).

They have been at the forefront of sustainable energy development in Japan, and were looking for a like-minded partner to collaborate on product branding, digital platforms, and storytelling.



We collaborated with the TRENDE team to help grow their services across Japan, with the collective goal of telling meaningful stories around sustainability and providing better electricity options for consumers.

This included the design of the identity and proposition for their Ashita Denki service, development of the new TRENDE website, illustrations around sustainable futures, and a design system to bring these elements together.


Our work with TRENDE helped enable storytelling across their products and services, supporting their corporate goal of “Illuminate the future”.

They’re still an emerging startup, with a growing impact as Japan deepens its commitment to sustainability, and we’re excited to help them build this future for Japanese communities.

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