Optimising search to drive conversion for Skyscanner



Skyscanner were running their media and digital content for Japan out of the UK, but found that local cultural expertise was required to build meaningful engagement. There was no local optimisation, and the critical Japanese holiday and travel trends weren’t being reflected on the platform.

Search engine marketing (SEM) consisting of hundreds of keywords and content was run on the basis of a global strategy, but no detailed localisation or optimisation had been done to date, and it was necessary to create a new framework to rebuild their SEM from the ground up.



We worked with the Skyscanner team to develop a new search strategy specifically designed for the Japan market.

Our media team calculated the optimal allocation across Japanese media platforms using their global bidding tools, restructuring the automation logic. From here we removed unnecessary keywords and copy and implemented an efficient SEM foundation. ETA (Expanded Ad Text), RLSA (Remarketing List for Search Ad) and DSA (Dynamic Search Ad) were added to fully leverage each channel’s functionality.


We ran Skyscanner’s SEM for more than 100,000 keywords, increasing search impressions to more than 300,000 per month. Clicks to site increased to 15,000/month, and our continuous A/B testing of content optimised responses.

Ultimately this increased revenue by 691% over a two year period, with a 390% jump in ticket purchases in Japan, and cost per conversion decreasing by 42%.


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