Scaling Salesforce adoption through a multi-year growth strategy



Salesforce were ready to scale up their presence in Japan, but had little track record in servicing Japanese business, a small sales team with limited budgets, and few local partnerships.

Meanwhile, their global content wasn’t meaningful for Japan’s market. CTO/CMOs in Japan were drawn to their brand vision, but would only consider Salesforce if the career risk was minimal. Corporations would spend months evaluating the service then sign up for contracts, while SMBs needed shorter evaluation times with specific nurturing.



We worked with the Salesforce team to build a media-led growth strategy over a multi-year partnership.

Initial brand investments were focused around an annual ‘Cloudforce’ event, with the events creating an illusionary sense of scale, attracting existing and potential clients en masse, and shaping a platform for relationship building. Digital media generated massive spikes in qualified leads, while case study videos were used to share stories from existing customers and build a positive halo around the brand.

To achieve ongoing impact through better media efficiency and use of first-party data, we then looked to implement a niche consumer acquisition and relationship management program. Our team held workshops with MediaHub, Salesforce corporate, and customer support teams to share insights and develop hypotheses that formed the core of an ongoing strategic implementation.


By drawing out knowledge from front-line sales people managing Salesforce’s B2B relationships, we were able to develop a sophisticated lead-generation program based around customer mindsets and funnel innovations, resulting in a substantial CPA advantage.

ROI on digital media lifted from 384% to 698%, conversion funnel optimisations across multiple campaigns allowed Salesforce to improve their CPA by 70%, and our team exceeded their KPIs by 30% year-on-year for seven years.


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