Increasing B2B awareness through digital and real-world engagement



Nutanix are a cloud software company that support the digital transformation of enterprises. The company had only been in Japan for a short time and were facing the challenges around recognition with B2B customers. They had regular sales channels to IT and systems professionals, but had yet to gain the trust and confidence of this audience in Japan.

We worked with Nutanix to address this challenge with their first major campaign in Japan, increasing awareness of the brand and attracting new customers through a combination of digital and real-world engagement.



To maximise efficiency around the budget, we created an OOH campaign to optimise reach and focus on areas the target audience were likely to be, including major train stations near the offices of target clients.

For impact with local audiences we developed a unique Japanese approach to telling the Nutanix story, with a mascot named “Nutanix-kun”, a boy with a head shaped like a cloud. This was used in multiple video and poster scenes and variations to increase awareness through frequency and recognition.

We also developed a digital approach using the video and still images used in the OOH. This involved targeting specific audiences and potential clients, controlling the frequency to promote awareness within a short period of time. Behavioural nudges were used to keep users engaged and encourage them to visit the website and request a consultation with the sales team.


Awareness of the Nutanix brand on digital channels increased by 5% throughout the campaign, generating leads and increased search awareness from IT professionals and decision makers, who were the main target audience. Brand trust and credibility increased, with audiences describing the storytelling as “sophisticated, progressive, and promising.”

Nutanix exceeded their KPIs from the campaign, with the digital and real-world initiatives combining to help sales teams beat their targets for lead generation.


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