Liquid by Quoine

Creating a modular design system for crypto exchange Liquid



Cryptocurrency exchange Liquid were looking to redesign their Japanese website around a modular system that was deeply aligned to their target personas. The goal was to create a differentiated, localised experience that considered the financial preferences of Japanese consumers and the transition of their brand toward a mainstream financial services company.

Optimising for the mobile experience was critical, with 60% of Japanese customers signing up from their mobile device. Another goal was reducing friction, with the current site creating gaps in the journey compared to their nearest competitors.

Liquid by Quoine
Liquid by Quoine


We collaborated with the Liquid team to: validate their personas and customer journeys, create a new structure and information architecture, and deliver a new design system aligned to learnings from the UX process.

Their key customers related to users on a spectrum of awareness of cryptocurrency, from enthusiasts to traders using FX platforms to people afraid to participate in this new and emerging space.


Our new design system helped Liquid to understand and test against these audience preferences for financial services, optimising the site around a mobile first approach and giving them the flexibility needed to adapt the platform around future learnings. An entirely new set of assets and content was generated around the Japan market, with differentiated product and language experiences designed for local customers.

Together, these improved acquisition rates and closed the gaps identified in the customer journey, enabling Liquid to continue innovating toward mainstream success.

Liquid by Quoine

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