Launching the world's leading job platform in Japan

Storytelling x Engagement


In 2012 Indeed was purchased by RECRUIT Co., a Japanese human resources company – creating an opportunity to adapt the platform to the local market.

In Japan’s increasingly unique system, workers are pushed toward long-term commitments to the same employer and one-track career paths, diverging from global norms where work has become more fluid.

Existing Japanese platforms catered to this paradigm, making it comfortable for employers and job seekers, but difficult for those looking to branch out. Indeed’s open, explorative approach encouraged a new form of discovery, creating an opportunity to change the Japanese job market.


We worked with Indeed’s global brand leaders in Texas, leaders from RECRUIT Co., and the new Indeed Japan team, to adapt their brand identity and proposition to Japan, starting with television ads and digital platforms.

After launch we leveraged the knowledge and assets of their existing growth model on social media, but rebuilt it to fit a very different cultural paradigm.

Our strategy combined zeitgeist-driven storytelling to drive top level awareness with education-led information about the changing nature of work, with both narrative and fact-based content developed in partnership with Indeed’s global media agency.


Over the course of 18 months Indeed were established as the leading recruitment platform in the market.

This set them on a path that has allowed Indeed to become the dominant job search platform in Japan, averaging more than 30m monthly visitors in 2020, 2.5x their nearest competitor.


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