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Amazon are perceived as a foreign brand in Japan, with a particular ambivalence among consumers and sellers living in rural parts of the country, where their communication is seen as being based around a highly transactional approach to commerce.

Despite rapid growth over their 20 years in Japan, they needed to connect with these communities to increase brand affinity and reach new customers.



Apart from customer wishlists, Amazon has a warehouse of stories that lie on the seller side of the marketplace. These stories live behind the screens, in small towns with business owners who are empowered by Amazon to overcome their challenges, regenerating local cultures and rural communities.

This inspired our journey across seven prefectures, where we captured the human interest stories of Amazon sellers. This included a sake distillery breaking free from the industry’s patriarchal past, the first man to sell crabs online in a bold effort to save his father's business, and a pro-ski athlete who changed his life's course to learn, protect, and promote the dwindling ceramic craft of Kutaniyaki.

Each story highlighted how Amazon’s seller infrastructure enabled business transformation and rallied communities, even in the most remote parts of the country.


Through this effort to show how Amazon supports local communities, we were able to significantly increase awareness and improve perception among sellers across Japan. Apart from the intended digital reach, the campaign ran on television for over 18 months across over 30 different stations and prefectures.

This resulted in over 181,000 visits to the Amazon ‘Day One’ website within just two weeks of launch. The omni-channel roll-out also exceeded norm scores with a 10% uplift on overall brand perception, contributing to a 13% uplift in ‘likability’ and ‘relevance’ combined.

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