Envisioning sustainable futures for Amazon Japan

Strategic Design x Sustainability


Amazon has been in Japan for 20 years, but is yet to develop the deep societal trust with consumers that local brands implicitly gain. Amazon excels at a transactional level – over-delivering on its customer value proposition – yet global reputational factors and cultural nuance mean a deeper trust is unfulfilled.



We used speculative design and foresight methods to develop scenarios and reframe problems across the breadth of Amazon’s business, creating a 2030 vision of Japan around themes of: communities and wellbeing, business transformation, work and education, and sustainability.

Our process explored the problem space to identify trends impacting society, interviewing thought leaders and building a STEEP database. These were then used to facilitate workshops and ideate concepts around different scenarios for Amazon, backcasting these scenarios to create an actionable strategy.


The outcome was a series of social impact and sustainability initiatives enabling Amazon to act on trust and reputation over a 10 year horizon.

We believe this shift can have a 2x impact on trust over existing models, ensuring sustainable growth and long term viability, as well as enabling positive and mutually beneficial outcomes for the brand, customers, and society as a whole.


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